About Us

Thomas Pohl, who developed the ZEOvit® system, founded Korallenzucht.de in Germany in the early 2000 and since been a solution for many reef hobbyists around the world.

The ZEOvit® method boasts a proven record of success and has been around for over 10 years. These products combined with good tank husbandry will provide a thriving environment for your family of fish and corals. Not only will you have an ULNS you will be rewarded with an epic display of vibrant colours and a beautiful reef.

In 2008 ZEOvit® ANZ was established, we work closely with Thomas & Regina Pohl and their fantastic team to keep these products readily available. Our aim is to provide you with quality service delivering quality products for your Reef tank and your inhabitants across Australia & New Zealand.

Feel free to get in touch should you have any questions or queries.


Happy Reefing!