ZEOvit® System & Korallenzucht.de Products

Thank you for your interest in the ZEOvit® system. The complete ZEOvit® system with all the products of Korallenzucht.de are the result of our practical experience with corals of all kind. When purchasing Korallenzucht.de products you will receive highly concentrated quality products, used in long-term tests with very positive effect on all kind of corals, also the most sensitive corals.

The purpose of the ZEOvit® system is to easily and reliably create, and maintain, a poor nutrient environment in marine aquaria similar to a the natural reef environment. The goal of the system is to reduce nutrients as nitrate and phosphate without lowering the levels of important minerals, like calcium and magnesium, and carbonate hardness, which are also adjusted to a natural reef environment.

In order for the ZEOvit® method to be successful, a few fundamental husbandry techniques and equipment components must also be included in your aquariums design and operation. These requirements include strong and efficient skimming, lighting appropriate and sufficient for the aquariums inhabitants, regular weekly water changes, addition of elements at low levels, non-excessive addition of nutrients, and optimum and stabile water parameters (Ca, Mg, KH, Salinity).

The five basic components of the ZEOvit® system interact to effectively reduce nutrients, and establish water conditions close to the parameters corals encounter in the natural habitats.

The five basic components are:

  • A Balanced Mix of Zeolites (ZEOvit®).

  • A Microorganism Solution (ZEObak).

  • A combination of Bacteria & Coral Food (ZEOfood)

  • Bacteria Food (ZEOstart3)

  • Constant Filtration with Activated Carbon

The reduction of nutrients and the establishment of a poor nutrient system results from the interaction between ZEObak, ZEOfood, ZEOstart, and the zeolite filter media (ZEOvit®).The three different zeolites of the media were chosen because of their ability to reduce certain toxins in a balanced manner. It is important to “clean” the ZEOvit® filter media daily to maintain optimum performance. The filter device which holds the ZEOvit® (commonly referred to as a “reactor”) is specifically designed to accomplish this task within a minute. However, it is not detrimental to overall system performance if you are unable to perform this task for several days.

The interaction between ZEObak, ZEOfood, ZEOstart, and the zeolite filter media (ZEOvit®) produces a “mulm”. The “mulm”, released from the ZEOvit® material, contains bacteria that is used as food by the corals. This is very important because it provides nutrients to the animals, and has a very positive impact on the colors, polyp extension and vitality of the corals.. Large Polyped Corals (LPS) react with fully expanded tissue.

Certain other elements are adsorbed as well, and require replacement to counteract depletion. We strongly recommend replenishing those elements, and we offer supplements to be used with this system for that purpose.

The ZEOvit® method can be successfully used with bare-bottom (BB), shallow sand bed (SSB), deep sand bed (DSB), and Berlin-style system designs. The use of live rock (LR) is recommended.

Important Note: UV sterilizers, ozonizers, and nutrient exporting macroalgae refugia are not compatible with the ZEOvit® method.

This post is just a brief review of the ZEOvit® system. More background information, and detailed methodology instructions are presented in the ZEOvit® “Guide.