ZEOvit® Starter 400 Kit

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ZEOvit® Starter 400 Kit

Complete starter kit that includes a ZEOvit reactor for tank size up to 400 litres.

ZEOvit® Starter Kit Contents:
1x ZEOstarter 400L Reactor
1x ZEOvit 1L
1x ZEObak 10ml
1x ZEOfood7 50ml
1x ZEOstart3 250ml
1x Carbon 1L

All that is needed is a small pump to power the reactor that is suited for your tank requirements.

To work out what size pump you need, review the ZEOguide to calculated the flow rate required.

(Hollywood Fishfarm have some good inexpensive Aqua One Maxi Power pumps that do the trick)

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