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Divided body: easy cleaning by opening of the skimmer body.
30 % higher output.

The new skimmer generation: The well thougth conical design makes a fantastic, soft and creamy absorbate. The very natural bubble formation of this skimmer reminds you of the foam formation at the sea.

The very natural and gentle skimming adds the air with a spacious nozzle which is very effective but nevertheless gentle. Thus the water is not chopped like by a needle wheel, so there are no elements precipitated and plankton is saved.

REVOLUTION Small Deluxe Skimmer
For tank sizes of 0 – 1500 L. Pump Aquabee UP 3000 is included in the delivery scope. Optimum water level for this skimmer: approx. 25 cm height.

Size: 20cm (l) x 20cm (b) x 58cm (h) (without Pump).
Size with pump: 34 l x 23 b x 58 h
Tube Diameter: 17.5cm

For internal use.
Utility patent-protected applied for patent.

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